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Wild Timor Coffee - Coburg

An opportunistic moment on the weekend and my great friend Beanhunter to the rescue to find a good coffee in suburban Coburg, Victoria. Not my usual type of coffee haunt so the challenge was well and truely on.

Enter Wild Timor Coffee Co, after half an hour of taking this place in I was so excited to be able to review it. A place after my own heart it is purposeful and authentic in both its dedication to provide a great coffee but also in its efforts to provide for and support its roots, thus the name.

Wild Timor Coffee comes with a story, peacekeepers from Australia who stumble across coffee farmers while on duty in remote areas of Timor. On return to Australia they open a coffee shop that leverages relationships they built directly with the farmers to provide pesticide free organic coffee.

They remain connected to this today and it comes across in spades in the coffee and the vibe of the surrounds with great photos of the farmers and the history around Timor. They even use all tips and donations to support projects that invest back into the villages of the farmers.

I kicked things off with my current curiosity of cold brew, it was 36 degrees Celsius after all, served up with just a side of sparkling water to cleans the palate. That came in handy as I quickly followed it up with a Latte and could start a fresh. The coffee is definitely a unique taste, hints of chocolate and spice. These unique flavours you bump in to when you explore underneath commercial coffee is really getting to me, its obsessive. Think about the variation you can get, different regions, bean type, roast process, pour etc all contribute to the final taste. Im looking forward to learning more about each region as a starting point, then having a favourite bean type, match it with a great roaster and then find a top Barista to make it... heaven.

For those inclined there are beans to buy or perhaps a spice Golden Latte or the like if you want something more off centre.

Its definitely worth a visit, if not just to support the cause.

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