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Pretty Sally Bakehouse - Wallan

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

My day is typically incomplete without a trip through the drive through of Pretty Sally Bakehouse in my home town of Wallan.

How does something so wrong become so right. I mean me and drive through coffee, are u kidding me?? Who would have thought🤷🏻‍♂️

I think it all happened by chance. I lived too far away from the quality brew houses I was familiar with so I bought my own machine and did a barista short course. My machine eventually broke down, around the same time as the local pub transformed their drive through bottle shop into the butterfly it is today, a cool bakery cafe with a drive through section.

Having no machine prompted a trip to the ‘new place in town’ and what do you know the coffee was on point. Next time past I thought I would try my first ever drive through coffee and the rest is history.

This place excells at my three criteria to be a local (see my blog even when using the drive through. The coffee is consistently good, although I get a little happier when I see my fav barista is on. When I pull up to the window there is always the right amount of chat, longer if no cars are behind me, a few call outs to and from other staff in the cafe as you catch a familiar eye. Often my coffee is already made when get to the window, that extra attention to detail to know my order.. Lastly the whole vibe of the place just finds a way to work, rustic and country but new and modern.

Inside can get a little noisy but it is a cafe afterall and a beacon of quality in a country town so rightly it attracts groups and locals. At the same time I can find myself a bit flat that I fly through the drive through so fast and the experience ends too quick so the occasional sit in for a coffee with breakfast or lunch is worth the noise if it’s there. (Canadian pancakes or the avo smash are the go)

The added bonus is you can order anything from the drive through, so my car is often not empty as we add chocolate milkshakes, chai lattes and perhaps a deluxe sausage roll or doughy. Which I’m happy to do, coffee should never be had alone as you know 😊

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