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Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Less of a coffee review and more of a coffee experience, this was my trip to the Kilmore Gaol Cafe. Opened up inside the old bluestone walls of the 1857 built Kilmore Gaol, a little tricky to find other than a tourist sign on the main road coming in to Kilmore pointing to the Gaol.

The reason it isn't a review of the coffee is that the coffee was good, not great, so I wouldn't make the trip just for that. It came out very hot which made it hard to enjoy the taste, but once it cooled the flavours of the Geonvese bean came out and it was enjoyable for sure. But that is not what this place is about.

Approaching the front walls you can’t help but be intrigued by what lies within. Its pokey, as you would expect in the former cells complex. Many period features still exist and the mandatory old photos of the bygone era adorn the walls. Take the time to explore outside to see more buildings and the exercise yard used in its prime as a jail. These days you can get some great wedding photos done, hire a function space of even book a BnB stay.

Where the passion of the owners really shines out is in the food you can order with the said coffee. For us it was perfect timing as the cinnamon scrolls had just come out of the oven and were a must have. Alternatively there is the selection of cakes and the house made pineapple donuts. The Breakfast and Lunch menu looked on point so I might have to take up that option in future too.

But for me this was all about the venue, sipping coffee surrounded by history and the beautiful bluestone surrounds (Kilmore is credited as Victoria's oldest inland town). The added benefit for me as a Ned Kelly addict/historian is some of those who attended the Gaol for all the wrong reasons, Neds dad Red Kelly and his Uncle Jimmy Quinn. Small things I guess, but I just love standing in the footsteps of those before us.

In an area not hyped up on deluxe coffee options this tucked away cafe in a country town was a great experience.

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