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Coffee is like wine

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

I’m always amazed how people can just ask for a coffee blindly or willingly accept an open ‘want a coffee?’ from a friends house like it was a glass of water.

But then again I realise that many would equally answer yes to ‘want a glass of red?’ without any questions ..

So let’s make that comparison ... a simple ‘glass of red’ may well be equal to a cup of instant coffee... god forbid.

My close friends know that if you offer me a coffee it better not make the sound of a kettle when you are making it .... or use a Pod.. Having said that I wouldn’t necessarily say no to that blind red in certain circumstances 😝.

A coffee bean is like a wine grape. My taste menu would go somethig like this ...

  1. Columbian - the cab sav of beans, hair on your chest, full and strong. Goes well with mornings..

  2. Brazilian - the Shiraz, a bit richer in flavor, sharper and a bit more ‘every day’ drinking

  3. Ethiopian - kind of like the Pinot, you never quite know what your going to get but a good one is all fruity and is all about the vapor ... should leave a lasting aroma on your fingers ..

Of course there are plenty more and many blends, those good with milk and those that should only be had straight.

The point being, know what you are getting into and match your bean to the moment. When time permits take the time to choose a good coffee shop and don’t just order the coffee and get what is in the bulk bean grinder, ask what else might be on offer.. match your mood.

A true friend will offer to grind, brew and pour.... or not offer at all 😂☕️

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A Bit About Me

Hey there, Im Gary, I took up coffee late..ish in life, at 30. I was sitting on a red eye flight from Perth to Melbourne, the coffee cart went past and the smell sucked me in. Yep, I was first seduced by Qantas coffee. 

I then got back to the home town of coffee drinking, Melbourne, found out what real coffee tastes like and became an instant coffee snob. Now I like sharing it with others, especially those new to coffee or new to Melbourne. 

This Blog has the ambition of sharing some of the ride. 

Oh and the 'Four' represents my wife and 3 kids :)

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