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Cat Poo Coffee

So I need to start this by saying please do your research on this coffee and avoid some of the animal cruelty practices going around.

Having said that 'wow', what a surprising pleasantry this visit was, visiting a coffee plantation come agri-tourism venue in Bali. This blog is both and coffee review and an experience share!

My family are very used to the ritual search for good coffee wherever dad goes, but this was kind of next level. You enter the grounds and begin by walking through a variety of plant species and coffee plants in what is a really beautiful surrounds. I really got off on seeing the Arabica and Robusta fruit and plants etc, some how seeing the very beginning of it all was very therapeutic.

From here you walk through some animal cages with wildlife on display, at this point I was a little uncomfortable but at the same time very intrigued. This is where we first laid eyes on the Cavet, a cat like creature very central to this story. From there a walk through a display are telling the story and showing the elements to the process, from those literally out of the cats bum to the more refined result where I was able to participate in the roasting.

So on to the coffee, Kopi Luwak is the worlds most expensive coffee, perhaps now you understand why a coffee lover would be so intrigued and seduced to go and see it. The cost is $200 - $1000 for kilo and is one of the more sought after beans in the world. The process is quite simple, Animal eats the coffee fruit off the tree or the ground, it then 'extracts' the bean, bean is then collected from the poop and the shell taken off, leaving the coffee bean itself to be cleaned and roasted. The magic is apparently in the way the digestive system ferments the fruit so once the bean is taken out of the shell it has a unique flavour. Thus - Cat Poo Coffee!

Off to the 'tasting room next, a magnificent alfresco area overlooking the plantation and a giant love heart swing. The view was to die for and it set up such a serene experience that I cant help but recommend you try it. If you purchase a cup of the Kopi Luwak (and of course you would) you get a tasting platter of coffees and teas that can only resemble a box of chocolates, Saffron and Turmeric tea, vanilla coffee, Lemongrass tea, Hot Chocolate, along with the tasting of black coffee varieties. Of course the big moment was the Kobi Luwak cup .... bang! I was buzzing for hours, too good to add milk this first time it was void of a usual bitterness, very smooth, very flavoursome and packed a punch.

Afterwards we had a walk around the beautiful grounds, so I could feel my feet again, and finished off with a stop in the shop where 100g came with me and made for a great extended family treat back home.

It is not everyones cup of tea, so to speak, largely due to the process and the fact the bean comes out of a cats bum but if you are so inclined look for someone like this as a certified 'wild harvester' for a try, but save your pennies first :)

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