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Brewhouse Coffee Roaster - Bendigo

I have been most fortunate in being able to get quality time with my son travelling to Basketball tournaments together for the past 9 years. I'd go as far as to say our relationship has been built on these times together. This weekend was the last one, time flies and as we look forward to 'Senior' Basketball, one last tournament in Bendigo, Central Victoria.

Enough of the nostalgia, there was a point to the intro...... country town coffee.

Each of these tournament trips has come with the unnerving search for a decent coffee to take the edge off an early morning start or that mid morning break between games. Country towns are normally about finding the best worst compromise.

And so it was this weekend, but with my new blog lens on, so the search become ever more detailed and targeted. Enter this huge success story Brewhouse Coffee Roasters, just one out of the box.

From the moment you spot this place its a surprise, taking up a prominent corner location of a roundabout, the entire corner... I was expecting a specialist coffee shop, not a complex. It was huge and my excitement built as we approached the doors. Inside was over the top urban, an impressive lay out of graffiti walls and industrial fittings giving off such a good vibe that I that could possibly have ben blinded into tolerating an average coffee. But I was confident I wouldn't need to.

The coffee had all the aspects you would expect when direct from a roaster, something new and different. It was almost sweet, tested on my wife who is a tea drinker, not a coffee fan, and normally reacts to any bitterness. Very fruity flavours, I bet it would work a treat as a cold brew..

The next day I went back and validated it, let's face it and afternoon coffee needs different characteristics to it than a morning kick start, well that was my excuse anyway.

These guys n gals know coffee but more importantly they know coffee experience. You are greeted, invited, served, engaged and treated to the whole hog from the waiters to the barista. It just makes for a pleasant coffee. Even a waiting room covered with hessian bags on the walls, while your takeaway is prepared.

The whole place just nails a consistent and thought out experience that makes you want more. We would love to have dived into the food too as the menu looked on point.

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Hey there, Im Gary, I took up coffee late..ish in life, at 30. I was sitting on a red eye flight from Perth to Melbourne, the coffee cart went past and the smell sucked me in. Yep, I was first seduced by Qantas coffee. 

I then got back to the home town of coffee drinking, Melbourne, found out what real coffee tastes like and became an instant coffee snob. Now I like sharing it with others, especially those new to coffee or new to Melbourne. 

This Blog has the ambition of sharing some of the ride. 

Oh and the 'Four' represents my wife and 3 kids :)

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