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Bancroft Bites Metung

I guess I have to put my bias on the table for this one. Bancroft Bites lies in my ‘gods country’, my go to holiday place of serenity.

That said it is ever reliable for a good coffee every morning of the holiday. The coffee is always hot and the Veneziano blend tasty.

The added bonus is you then get to choose to sit out front and watch a slow life go buy, or walk down to the waters edge. If the water is flat always opt for the serenity of the waters edge ..

There is a weird slowness to the coffee being made and a small busy seems to create unnecessary fluster ... but it’s holiday time so I kind of enjoy the wait 😊. We go two weeks of every year, so a day or two in and the ‘I think I know you’ look from the baristas turn into a comfortable familiarity and wait time conversation.

Breakfast here is also a must for our family at least once in the holiday ...

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A Bit About Me

Hey there, Im Gary, I took up coffee late..ish in life, at 30. I was sitting on a red eye flight from Perth to Melbourne, the coffee cart went past and the smell sucked me in. Yep, I was first seduced by Qantas coffee. 

I then got back to the home town of coffee drinking, Melbourne, found out what real coffee tastes like and became an instant coffee snob. Now I like sharing it with others, especially those new to coffee or new to Melbourne. 

This Blog has the ambition of sharing some of the ride. 

Oh and the 'Four' represents my wife and 3 kids :)

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