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Coffee Island - London

Well what a surprise this turned out to be.... a franchise shop that makes the grade. The Coffee Island coffee shop is a franchise yes,...

Dare to Enter - Phuket

Thailand/Phuket is a cultural adventure that is incredibly rewarding if you are prepared to let it wash over you. The streets are lined...

Surin Chill House - Phuket

This is the first of my short reviews on my journey through Phuket. The Surin Chill House is a little gem, perhaps a bit undiscovered but...

Kaffeine - London

Im not sure which of the two is true, either Melbournites have access to the best coffee in the world or we are the most picky coffee...

Erste Liebe Bar - Hamburg

Being lucky enough to travel to many parts of the world highlights how imbedded the Melbourne coffee culture in me really is. It can be...

Cat Poo Coffee

So I need to start this by saying please do your research on this coffee and avoid some of the animal cruelty practices going around....


A Bit About Me

Hey there, Im Gary, I took up coffee late..ish in life, at 30. I was sitting on a red eye flight from Perth to Melbourne, the coffee cart went past and the smell sucked me in. Yep, I was first seduced by Qantas coffee. 

I then got back to the home town of coffee drinking, Melbourne, found out what real coffee tastes like and became an instant coffee snob. Now I like sharing it with others, especially those new to coffee or new to Melbourne. 

This Blog has the ambition of sharing some of the ride. 

Oh and the 'Four' represents my wife and 3 kids :)

French Breakfast

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